Are you looking for more specialized instruction or a private group event?  I can arrange an online custom workshop or tutorial for one to twelve students at a time!  I will work with you to design a custom course tailored to your needs and budget.  Whether you want to focus on a specific
topic or skill, or are simply looking to have some fun with photography, I'd love to talk to you about your needs.

My role as an arts educator is to be as inclusive as possible, reaching each student at their own level by using interpretive teaching techniques to make the material accessible and understandable.

I encourage everyone to discover photography on their own terms.  I will provide you with resources, information, and skills to help you reach your personal artistic goals - regardless of where you are on your photographic journey – and I want you to feel empowered and accomplished at the end of every course. 

youth and teen online workshops - summer 2020

Whether your teen is new to analog photography or just wants to try something new, this online class will introduce them to the fundamentals of photography.  From how a camera works to composition and critique, this 6-week coursewill keep them engaged while having fun shooting with plastic cameras.

Similar to the kids' workshop, this workshop teaches the basics of blueprinting, also know as cyanotype.  In this more in-depth version we'll go
into the history of the process, discover its contemporary uses, and discover its verstility as an art medium.

looking for something else?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, all of my workshops, camps and tutorials have been moved to an online format. 
Because of this move, some of my offerings have temporarily changed.

new!   discover film photography with toy cameras  -  ages 14+

new!   blueprinting basics for adults   -   ages 16+

jacqueline webster

new!   beautiful blueprinting for kids  -  ages 8+ with a parent or adult

Discover the magic of blueprinting in this live, online workshop!  You and your child
will work together to build a printing frame, then make your very own photographs from scratch - no darkroom needed!

fine art photography  ~  historic processes  ~  education