Six alternating Tuesdays, August 04 - October 13, 2020      

$195.00 per student   

  • 90 days access to class recording
  • 90 days ongoing assistance

Student with handmade box camera

Did you know that toy cameras are a great way to learn about film photography?  In this six-week course you'll learn about the basic camera functions, how film works, plus composition techniques, history and photographic genres.  No fancy equipment or darkroom needed - you'll send your film out to be processed by a Denver-area photo lab.

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enrollment deadline is July 21, 2020

what I provide :

what you provide :

what you'll learn:

Session dates

Student with American ivorytypes
Student with American ivorytypes
  • a computer with a webcam & internet
  • a toy camera - Holga 120N or Diana F+
  • 5 rolls of Kodak TMax 100 film, 120 size
  • film processing & scanning  sent out to a lab
  • 1 roll black electrical tape
  • scissors
  • a quiet place to attend classes
  • a way to take notes

questions?   send me an email

min. 3 students, max. 10 students

  • live, online instruction
  • handouts with information & resources

fine art photography  ~  historic processes  ~  education

discovering film photography with toy cameras - online

jacqueline webster

  • the anatomy of a camera & what the parts do
  • what film is and how it works
  • the basic elements of good composition
  • the unique opportunities of toy cameras
  • how to give and accept artistic feedback
  • how to i.d. different photographic genres

this class is for you if:

  • you'd like to get started with film photography
  • you've taken film photo classes and want to expand your horizons
  • you don't want to invest in a lot of equipment when you're just starting out
  • you're at least 14 years old  -  parental consent required under 18