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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, all of my workshops and tutorials have been moved to an online format. 
Because of this move, some of my offerings have temporarily changed, but I can still support you with the following options:

For those looking for more specialized instruction, my live private tutorials are for one or two students at a time focusing on a specific topic, issue or skill.  After an initial consultation, I will design a custom course tailored to your needs and budget.  Whether you're looking to learn an entire process or just some help with troubleshooting, private tutorials can be a good way to get ahead on your photographic journey.

please contact me for more information on private tutorials

Much like my in-person workshops, I'll work with students in a group setting at a scheduled date and time on specific topic or skill.  Some will be just a few hours long, others will meet once per week for several weeks; it all depends on what it will take to accomplish each course given the new format.  see my summer adult course offerings

new!   private youth and teen group workshops via zoom

Student with handmade box camera

My role as an arts educator is to be as inclusive as possible, reaching each student at their own level by using interpretive teaching techniques to make the material accessible and understandable.

I encourage everyone to discover photography on their own terms.  I will provide you with resources, information, and skills to help you reach your personal artistic goals - regardless of where you are on your photographic journey – and I want you to feel empowered and accomplished
at the end of every course. 

private tutorials via zoom

adult public group workshops via zoom

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With schools going to online learning and summer camps being cancelled, it can be challenging to keep your kids engaged and learning without going crazy.  I have nearly 20 years of experience teaching children and teens,
and I can help you keep yours involved in art-making despite the tough situation we're all in.  I've developed live,
online learning opportunities for ages 8 and up, and I am continuing to explore options for additional courses that can be moved online.  see my current summer youth and teen courses

Student with tintype self-portraits

This is a great option for year-round schools, home-school groups and groups like scouting organizations.  I can offer any of my public, summer activity options as a live, online workshop for your private group by request.  Other options may be available based on your group's size and needs. 
please contact me directly for more information

online learning opportunities

Student with American ivorytypes
Student with tintype self-portrait

Unfortunately all of my photography workshops and summer camps @ art students league of denver have been cancelled
through the end of August 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Please check back later for updates.

fine art photography  ~  historic processes  ~  education

Student with ambrotype portrait

new!   public home-school/summer activity options via zoom