Jacqueline Webster



Learn how to make glass plate negatives for contact printing using the wet-plate collodion process in this special workshop at the
Art Students League of Denver

Old Meets New

Glass Plate Negatives

"Heirloom Toamtoes'", Van Dyke brown on linen, copyright Jacqueline Webster 2016



Join me for a demo & dialog on how to manipulate glass plate negatives for printing at the Art Students League of Denver

A fine art photographer specializing in alternative and historic processes, Jacqueline works in a variety of media including silver gelatin, wet and dry plate collodion, salted paper, gum bichromate, cyanotype, American Ivorytype, and Van Dyke brown.  Her work can be found at festivals and galleries around the country.

She also offers workshops and tutorials for adults and youth in the processes she practices through the Art Students League of Denver and Colorado Photographic Arts Center.  You can learn more by clicking here.

Glass Plate Negative Retouching

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